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The Universe Talks - STOP: A Way to Settle Your Mind

Jun 2024

We think our thoughts are somehow in control of us, yet we are in control of each and every one of our thoughts.

Be Kind to Others, pages 14-15

Apr 2024

A Reiki principle - yet as we all know it is not always so simple. Read on dear friends to play some Qiki ways to Be Kind to Others.

The Universe Talks - How to Keep Positive Energy In and Negative Energy Out

Mar 2024

Creating your own wonderful Qiki Protective-Selective Bubble.

The Universe Talks - Find Your Inner-Be

Feb 2024

An innate feeling you can initiate anytime, anywhere. The power of your Inner-Be is immense, so that whatever may be going on around you loses its power over you.

Do You Have Time ? pages 22-23

Dec 2023

In this article we are considering how the Distance Symbol and intention have the ability to send Reiki through time. The accompanying movie reflects the spirit of time and it's beauty, whatever the stage in the circle of life.

Time to Evolve instead of Constantly Revolving, pages 22-23

Oct 2023

Here we present some Qiki Ways to help you to get out of that revolving door feeling and Evolve to new ways and a new you. Such an invigorating feeling.

Just for Today – Do not Anger (A Reiki Principle), pages 22-23

Jul 2023

We all get Angry (from time to time). Here are some valuable ways to release that Anger based on our real experiences.

Protective-Selective Bubbles, pages 20-21

Dec 2022

Negative energies can get to you so how wonderful to wrap your own Qiki bubble around you allowing you to select the positives and deflect the negatives. Just as the membrane of every Eukaryotic cell in your body is constantly doing.

Re-feeling the Intention of the Power Symbol, pages 20-21

Jun 2022

The power of Phi spirals is immense, feel and play with this spiralling energy, they are everywhere. Stunning.

Be-ing Grateful the Qiki Way, pages 22-23

May 2022

Be-ing Grateful starts deep within your Inner-Be, a Way. It is always there, then expands out from you to all and everything. Wonderful feelings.

Cleansing with the Qiki Pair, pages 20-21

Dec 2021

Do you ever feel the need, even if not the desire, to do some cleansing? Here are some lovely ways to be Qiki as you cleanse yourself, your environment, out to those around you near and far.

Harmonising Your Chakras with Qikitude, pages 28-29

Jul 2021

Energy is constantly flowing through your chakras and meridians, sometimes it can get a bit stuck and out of kilter. These QiKi feelmoves focus on freeing any stagnant energy. Bringing You Harmony.

Be-ing InJoy, pages 28-29

May 2021

OK, time to Be In-Joy, to play with some fun QiKi-feelmoves – to raise your vibrations and those around you.

Distance Healing and Lighting Up the Universe, pages 24-25

Nov 2020

Everything is connected to everything. The wonders of wow’ing the Universe, sharing your light with every part of the Cosmos. Play this today and every day – it is so invigorating.

Reiki Principles and QiKi Gong, pages 30-31

Sept 2020

Be Grateful, Do not Anger, Be Kind to Others are three of the Principles of Reiki. These Qiki-feelmoves beautifully help you to Self Care, so you can better help others. Please note - the link in this magazine to the Reiki Principles video is incorrect. This is the correct link: https://youtu.be/mXht2Mft7Xc

Merging Reiki with QiGong, pages 38-39

Jul 2020

Play with this simple yet powerful QiKi Way to Ground and Centre yourself in the Real World, in Nature.

Showering QiKi, pages 32-33

Apr 2020

Gather in energies from our amazing Earth, the Sky, the Breeze, taking yourself to your perfect place – somewhere you have been or of pure imagination. Filter that energy through every fibre. Be. A calming, gentle Qiki-feelmove.


To Be or not to Be Authentic – That really isn’t a Question

Jun 2024

Long held trauma can change your life. Looking at new ways to release can also change your life… as it has for us. There are always new ways.

A Qiki Way to Evolve

Jan 2024

Do you find yourself feeling you are stuck in a routine, a habit, a Way which is no longer best serving you? Play with this Qiki idea to evolve to a new you...

Are You Coming Out to Play

Sept 2023

The state-of-play helps to stimulate six of the most powerful feel-good hormones in your body... time to play is now...

Are You Coming Out to Play - the bonus (including Teddy's tea party)

Sept 2023

Play is such fun, totally absorbing and your imagination is in full swing. As you play, nothing else matters. Play along with us all and then make up your own games.

Are You our Own Propagation Machine

May 2023

Do you sometimes find that negative energies are spiralling you deeper and deeper – that you become your own "negative propagation machine". Instead, I am My Own Medicine is a glorious Qiki Way to refocus yourself to positive energies. Including a movie of beautiful Qiki feelmoves.

I am but Quanta

Jan 2023

For you to read – to make your own Way, your own decisions, your own choices...

Vibrating at the Frequencies of Gratitude

Nov 2022

Gratitude is a state of mind. Learn lovely Qiki ways to see, feel, be aware of and to raise your vibrational frequencies of Gratitude – layers within layers.

How to Find and Use Your Innate Inner Energy - Your “Inner-Be” with Qiki Gong

May 2022

A glorious place and feeling (your Inner-Be) is and always has been part of your mind, body, soul and spirit. Learn to find it, use it, play with it. You will Love it, and how it makes you Be.

Your Journey Makes You Who You Are

Jan 2022

Powerful, personal, enlightening. How Life’s experiences change you. Many wonderful QiKi Ways to help you to cope with Your Journey.

Reharmonising Your Energies - with QiKiGong

Nov 2021

Our Minds, Body, Aura, Soul and Spirit are energy, which gets depleted. Here are some glorious QiKi ideas and feelmoves to help you to reharmonise Your Energies – calmly.

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